Whether you are working remotely, from home, on the fly or in a multi-site business we have a solution for you!

We have partnered with the best in the industry utilising only tier one equipment therefore you  do not need to worry about reliability, output and service. 

Our approach is to deliver the best of breed for printers/ photocopiers / scanners which enables your business to take advantage of integration platforms that can connect directly into your adoption or existing software systems. 

As we are not tied to any specific vendor with our free print audit, we can provide a more cost-effective solution that ticks all boxes per site or dept relevant to their needs. 

Solutions that come with our printing equipment evolve around cost recovery, centralization, optimization, follow-me print, automation tools for workflows and scanning directly into your backend systems via one-touch programs.

Your business processes are ALL important. 
But how productive is it? 

Seeking approval from key staff for anything from invoices in Accounts Payable to sign-on sheets in 
HR can take time, create late payments and occur avoidable costs that is where we come in to 
re-engineer your business processes and how 
they can be automated without changing your systems in place. Our scope of works can detail 
from start to finish each departments role and 
on the flip side how much can be saved by reducing mundane tasks involved. 

Automation can be achieved directly from either your scanners on how you rule and route the documents to its archival stages and accessibility from thereon to its softcopy form connecting to multiple systems to avoid double or triple handing phases. 

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Whilst infrastructure is key for all businesses, 
our hardware arm specializes in how you should be setup from a non-biased expert. 

The relationships we have in place minimize the time you would take to conduct an internal audit on requirements which can get you started for a green-field site to redevelopment and improvement purposes. 

Hardware can be delivered for many aspects inside of your business ranging from laptops, iPads, phone systems, servers, switches/ routers, hubs, audio/ visual to interactive whiteboards with finance options to preserve capital and stick within your budgeting requirements.

Kinnetix has partnered with all the software systems you need to hit GO!

Ranging from CRM Systems for adding your client’s details/ management to migration of data and or quoting tools to generate quick and easy processes, 
we have a solution for you.

Our software arm aims to deliver a robust solution of any size that is dedicated to providing efficiency, low costs per head count and management improvement tools with the ability to connect into workflows. 

Some Partners Include:

Office 365, HubSpot, Salesforce, G Suite, Filebound,
 PSI Capture, Papercut

And many more…..

Obtaining a solution that fits your budget or requirements has never been easier. 

Our flexible finance solutions allow you to start a new business or improve your existing business. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service that make the funding process as simple and painless as possible. 

Our multiple lenders allow us to provide you with what is most beneficial in terms of repayments, contract term (ranging from 6 – 60 months) to type of agreement such 
as Chattel Mortgage, Operating Lease and Rental solutions.  We also offer flexible end of term options which gives you the ability to choose how you return 
or upgrade assets. 

Save your hard-earned capital for growth strategies and simply finance with our 100% tax deductible offerings!

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Kinnetix is one of Australia’s largest independent 
and privately owned technology solutions group. 

Our management team combined has over 60 years’ experience in delivering technology-based solutions to all size businesses ranging from SME to GOV users through various channels of products and services. 

Our goal is to provide all our clients with a seamless experience when it comes to the setup of a business (front-end) and online exposure to the operational (back-end) aspects. 

Kinnetix solutions can increase efficiencies, reduce overheads and improve business processes through our automation tools to provide significant 
Return on Investment!